Algae Counting Chamber

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Algae Counting Chamber

Neubauer’s chamber or hemocytometer is an instrument for counting spores and cells in a liquid medium.

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Data sheet

Characteristics and application of the Product
  • This counting chamber is adapted to the bright field or phase contrast microscope. The chamber is covered with a coverslip that adheres by simple surface tension (especially once the liquid sample has been added).
  • The liquid with the cells to be counted is introduced by capillarity between the chamber and the cover, generally after a previous dilution; the camera has two zones allowing two counts to be made simultaneously. The reticulum is viewed under a microscope at the proper magnification and the cells are counted.
  • From the number of cells counted, knowing the volume of liquid admitted by the grid field, the concentration of cells in the applied liquid sample is calculated.
  • The calculation of the cell concentration can be expressed like this:
  • Particles / μl = (counted particles) / [(counted area (mm2) ∙ chamber depth (mm)] ∙ dilution

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