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Meshes Nitex

Precision synthetic monofilament fabrics. Highly specialized monofilament fabric characterized by precisely defined, consistent and repeatable material properties, such as pore size, thickness, tensile strength, dimensional stability, cleanliness, etc.

Category: Equipment

Data sheet

NITEX meshes are softer than Polyester and are primarily used in applications where drying is required between uses. They are resistant to bacteria, cleaners, acids and insects.

Product Features
  • Mesh pitch: 100 – 550 microns.
  • Manufacturing material: Nylon (Made in Switzerland).
  • The surface properties are uniform and consistent.
  • Thickness tolerance is within microns across whole rolls and batches.
  • The cleaning meets strict standards.
  • Plankton nets.
  • Construction of filter elements.
  • Book filters.
  • Sifting and drying.

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