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Ez Larva

EZ Larva is formulated as a fully balanced diet designed to grow shrimp during the larval and postlarval stages. EZ Larva’s microencapsulated particles have a smooth, moist texture and their ingredients were selected for their high quality, attractiveness, digestibility, and are free of pathogenic viruses for shrimp, such as WSSV, YHV, and TSV. Manufacturing uses a cold process to preserve sensitive nutrients, pigments, omega 3 fatty acids, enzymes, and other nutrients that are naturally present.

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Data sheet

Features and benefits

Accelerates growth and shortens larval culture by 3 days; PLs are stronger. – Proven constant survival rates> 70%.

Replaces the requirement of> 75% Artemia.

Contains Vpak (Vitality Pak) to improve resistance to diseases.

Does not contaminate water and minimizes leaching.

Better digestibility.

Added probiotics to aid larval digestion, water quality, and pathogen control.

Microencapsulated liquid (easily poured) and easy to mix and distribute in water.

Product application

EZ Larva is very easy to use:
Shake well and measure the desired amount of food in a glass.
Add a small amount of water and turn to suspend the food.
Pour directly into the larvae tanks.
Do not use a blender.


A highly digestible, nutritionally balanced formulation of marine-derived animal protein products, vegetable proteins (including algae), yeast, fish and vegetable oils, vegetable starches, mineral and vitamin premixes, antioxidants, pigments, and biodegradable binders.


It is recommended to use within twenty-four (24) months from the date of manufacture. It can be refrigerated, but not frozen. Open jugs must be used within six (6) weeks. Store closed jars in a cool, dry place (22 ° C / 72 ° F) away from sun exposure. Shake well before each use. Keep the lid closed after each use. Stock should be rotated so that the oldest product is used first (first-in, first-out principle).
10-50 microns 10-100 microns 100-250 microns 250-600 microns


2 kg handles.

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