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Flake Black  

It is a nutritional diet used by the shrimp and fish producing industries. The Black Flake is an excellent food for post-larvae, especially during the Mysis and PL stages. This diet is scientifically and nutritionally formulated for the optimal development and survival of shrimp and fish larvae.

Presentation: Balde de 5 Kg.
Category: Food

Data sheet

Features and benefits

It has great stability, buoyancy in water and attractiveness for balanced and complete nutrition.
The water will stay clean and the shrimp will gain color and plenty of lipids.
The formula will provide shrimp with the necessary proteins, vitamins, minerals and other natural nutrients, which will guarantee good health, growth and vitality.
Products are produced in a VS (or UDAF) inspected and approved plant.
The product is handled, prepared, packaged and stored in order to avoid contamination. Mackay Marine products obtain negative results from the following viruses:
Taura syndrome.
White Spot Virus.
Yellow Head Virus.
This product is for the exclusive use of animals, not for human consumption.

Guaranteed Analysis Table

Crude Protein (minimum) 52%
Crude Fat (minimum) 9%
Crude Fiber (maximum) 3%
Total Ash (minimum) 3%
Humidity (maximum) 10%


Nutritionally balanced and highly digestible diet, formulated based on proteins from marine animals and vegetables (including algae), yeast, fish oils, brine shrimp, cholesterol, vitamin and mineral premixes, antioxidants, pigments and biodegradable binders.


Frequent feeding (4 or 5 times a day) and an even distribution are important practices to ensure the effectiveness of the diet.
The Black Flake should be broken into small pieces for each feeding stage.
This food (flake) will float initially and will then remain suspended in the middle of the water column for a long time, while the shrimp feeds.


Bucket of 5 Kg.

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