Our squid (L opalescens) for maturation in captivity and reproduction.

Presentation: Bloques congelados de 10 Kg.
Category: Frozen Food

Data sheet

Our squid (L opalescens) for maturation in captivity and reproduction.

Main characteristics of the product

The feeding is of fundamental importance in the process of maturation and reproduction mainly when it is realized in controlled tanks to avoid the external temperature variations.
Among the fundamental compounds in the diet are the fatty acids of the linolenic series (w3, of marine origin), cholesterol and its derivatives.
The 20-ton tanks must be round, rectangular or oval in order to allow a continuous circulation of water with a daily capacity of up to 4 times the volume of the same.

Application in aquaculture

Feeding will be done ad libitum, without restrictions, which may consist of a combined natural diet of polychaetes, squid and frozen artemia, in a ratio of (1: 3: 2) supplied daily in amounts ranging from 17 to 20% of the biomass of the tranque, distributed in 2 to 4 daily rations. In some cases some of these natural foods supplemented with pelleted diets such as EZ mate are used.

Presentation, storage or other uses

Our Squid of classification 12-16 comes packed in frozen blocks of 10 kilograms, and free of WSSV, TSV, NHB, IHHNV, VIBRIOS, BACULOVIRUS. It must be stored under freezing conditions at -15 ° C.
Because it is a product with high quality, it can be used as a bait for sport and industrial fishing.

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