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Microfine spirulina

Spirulina Microfina is a dry microscopic vegetable. It is a bluish-green edible micro-algae that contains an incredible amount of protein, beta-carotene and vitamin B-12. It is an ideal food for many aquatic organisms. Excellent for growing peneids, freshwater shrimp, fish larvae, and even Artemia.

Presentation: Tarro de 500 g.
Category: Food

Data sheet

Features and benefits

Feeding with Spirulina Microfina has been shown to increase fertility and reproduction, weight per gram and also improve coloration. Mild seaweed flavor. Products are produced in a VS (or UDAF) inspected and approved plant.
The product is handled, prepared, packaged and stored in order to avoid contamination. Mackay Marine products obtain negative results from the following viruses:

  • Taura syndrome.
  • White Spot Virus.
  • Yellow Head Virus.
  • Salmonella. This product is for the exclusive use of animals, not for human consumption.

It will depend on the species, usually 1% for 36 months after its manufacture.


Arthrospira Platensis in vacuum packed powder. This organism is not genetically modified and has not been exposed to radiation.

  • Store in a cool, dry place, not to exceed 21 ° C. / 70 ° F.
  • 100% of the daily ration.

500g jar.

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