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Redi Mate

Redi-Mate is a fully matured food for peneid shrimp that improves the production rates of high quality nauplii, and also offers complete biosecurity of the product. Contains Vpak to support animal health and disease resistance.

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Data sheet

Features and benefits
  • More spawning, more nauplii and of better quality.
  • A convenient and highly attractive superior semi-wet diet that increases ripening performance and efficiency.
  • Contains optimal levels of antioxidants, pigments, vitamins, bioavailable minerals and essential nutrients to improve shrimp reproductive performance with or without eye peduncle ablation.
  • Precision formulation with the highest levels of HUFAs and other essential ingredients to meet the metabolic demands of gonadal maturation and spawning.
  • An essential part of advanced shrimp broodstock management programs that contribute to increased nauplii production rates and support for consistent nauplii quality.
  • Biosecurity when and where it is most needed.
  • Guaranteed free of major crustacean pathogens by independent PCR analysis. – Replaces up to 80% of fresh food.
  • Supply Redi-Mate in a daily ration of 2.5-3.5% of the biomass per day, or the amount that the shrimp will consume. For each kilo of Redi-Mate fed, reduce fresh food by 3.5 kg / day.
  • Redi-Mate can be fed continuously using automated feeders or divide the Redi-Mate daily ration into 4 – 6 servings per day, alternating Redi-Mate rations and fresh food.
  • Apply the food by hand, taking care to distribute the food evenly throughout the tank.
Guaranteed Analysis Table:

Crude Protein (minimum) 40.0%

Crude Fat (minimum) 9.0%

Crude Fiber (maximum) 2.0%

Humidity (maximum) 30.0%

Ash (maximum) 10.0%

Phosphorous (minimum) 1.0%


Maintains nutritional value for up to 2 years from the date of manufacture. Store in a cool, dry place protected from sunlight.


Semi-wet pellet in 33lb (15 kg) buckets

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