ZM Feed

ZM Feed

ZM FEED FOR ZOEA / MYSIS is a diet formulated to be applied to larval laboratory tanks in conjunction with food and additives to meet the nutritional requirements of shrimp larvae.

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Data sheet

Features and benefits

It is a unique diet to nourish the zoea and mysis of the peneido shrimp as an alternative to diatoms. Its main ingredients have been formulated for high survival to achieve optimum PL quality in shrimp farming.
Does not contain antibiotics and / or pathogens.


(~ 100MT of water in a pool ~)
Place 40g to 100g of ZM FEED FOR ZOEA / MYSIS, in a single bucket as a single dose.
Pour 10 liters of water into the bucket, and stir manually.
Feed in Z1 (ZM Zoea) / Z3 (ZM Mysis). 6 times a day at intervals of every 4 hours.
The aeration control makes the food disperse and suspend in the water, facilitating the feeding of the larvae.

Guaranteed analysis table

(ZM for zoea)

Crude Protein (minimum) 58%

Crude Fat (minimum) 14%

Crude Fiber (maximum) 3%

Raw Ash (maximum) 9%

(ZM for mysis)

Crude Protein (minimum) 55%

Crude Fat (minimum) 15%

Crude Fiber (maximum) 3%

Raw Ash (maximum) 11%


Spirulina powder, marine proteins, yeast, fish and vegetable oils, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals.


Keep in a cool (15 ° C / 57 ° F) and dry place away
from sun exposure.

Its consumption is recommended as soon as possible once the bag is opened.

Do not use moldy food.


1kg bags.

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